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Interview with Comedian and Radio Personality Adam Carolla

Not much of an introduction is needed for the outspoken, unapologetic radio host, Adam Carolla. Love him or hate him this controversial star has over the years built a career on never holding back anything when it comes to speaking his mind. After co-creating two successful television shows, The Man Show and Crank Yankers, Carolla returned to radio in 2009 by creating his own podcast show, The Adam Carolla Show, which is currently a Guinness World Records holder for being the most downloaded podcast ever. spoke with the former co-host of MTV’s Loveline about his view on politics and why he doesn’t consider himself to be a part of Hollywood. Since the election happened this week, what are your thoughts on President Barack Obama being re-elected?

Adam Carolla: I really don’t expect a lot. The President’s re-election is good news for everyone that thinks he is going to do something different the second time around. But it’s going to be more of the same thing.

TCC: Do you feel he just delivered the same promises he made during his first campaign?

AC: I figure he’ll do what he did the first time around just because I know human nature. But then again I could be wrong. I’ve been kidding everybody that Obama has been softening up the body for about four years, and now he’s going to throw that haymaker. But, remember when people expected a whole bunch of stuff the first time around?

TCC: Yes, I remember, but what about “Obamacare”? You don’t think that will change things for the country?

AC: I don’t know for whom. What people nowadays are not able to get medical care?

TCC: Mostly people that are out of a job because they can’t afford it.

AC: But why is that my problem if you don’t have a job and can’t afford health coverage? Whenever I got f**ked up I would just go to County USC hospital and get treated.

TCC: Usually in County hospitals you could be waiting 12 hours or longer to be treated, depending on how serious your emergency is.

AC: Yeah, it sucks to have to wait in line, but that is what you do when you don’t money. I know because I used to be poor and not have any medical insurance.

TCC: Do you believe political correctness has taken over freedom of speech?

AC: Of course, the public has always been in support of living in a land where free speech is accepted. But I would say we are experiencing free expression suppression, which means you literally won’t be beaten up and have your rights to free speech be taken away, but instead you will be beaten up, as it were, on the internet and through social media by being taken out of context. You will be suppressed or punished for not being politically correct. Eventually people wise up to that and say f**k it. That is what most of Hollywood does.

TCC: You’re known for being brutally honest, which causes the public to get upset at you…

AC: I don’t give a sh*t! It’s not like I’m running for office. You know what I mean? I don’t work for anybody, so there are no repercussions. It doesn’t matter how upset anyone reading this article gets. I will still have a successful broadcast and live shows.

But there can be drawbacks that can turn you into a pariah, like with Michael Richards. I would argue that if Michael Richards had a successful podcast, and had enough white supremacists that listened to him, he’d still be doing fine.

TCC: In the case of other celebrities, do you think the public likes honesty but to a degree when it comes to famous people speaking their mind?

AC: In general, everybody likes honesty only when they are in agreement with you. With a group that agrees with your honesty, you are called courageous or maybe even a hero. But when they disagree with you then you are called homophobic, misogynistic, or any other discriminating words.

Now with celebrities it’s all about saying the right thing or telling people want they want to hear. When the mic is in front of them it’s all a lot of talk about the Occupy Wall Street movement, helping poor people, and disenfranchised minorities. They do this because they are smart. They got a business and that business is them. They want to make sure that even though they are rich, mostly white, send their kids to private school, fly in private jets, drive expensive cars, and live in houses with lots of security, or even gated communities, they will never talk about that. It’s like they want to win this sort of poor man-popularity contest. That’s why not many celebrities talk about how rich they are or even how much money they make.

TCC: You have stated before that you hate Hollywood. But isn’t it a contradiction to hate something you are a part of?

AC: I’m not really a part of Hollywood.

TCC: But didn’t you become a celebrity after having two successful television shows?

AC: Yes, because I created those shows alongside with Jimmy Kimmel. We wrote them and did everything. As soon as we left those shows went away. I continued writing my own work just not on television anymore. I left Hollywood to be my own boss. I am not saying everyone in the industry is awful. It’s just that some make bad decisions and you realize that you don’t want them for a boss anymore and want to go your own direction. When I did this it gave me the opportunity to say what I want to say, which some people in Hollywood would like to say the same stuff I say but can’t, because they have to answer to these idiots.

TCC: So you are much happier doing your podcast show rather than being on television?

AC: Yes, I am. I was never really much of a TV guy. I’m more of a radio guy.

TCC: Could you also tell me about your tour dates in New York?

AC: One of my shows will be at Town Hall in New York this Saturday (Nov. 10) at 7:30 PM. It’s going to be stand up/an evening with Adam Carolla. The show will be a mixture of jokes, rants, a little improv, and motivational speaking woven in as well.

TCC: You also have a new signature wine on the market called Mangria. Does it really contain a mixture of red wine and vodka?

AC: Yes, it does. Mangria taste like sangria but also has a little bit of orange, grape, and a couple of other secret ingredients. It contains 20% alcohol, so it has some kick to it. But it is unbelievably good!

It’s only available online at So far it has been a huge success. We’ve already sold over 10,000 bottles and are looking to have Mangria sold in-stores soon. I’m very excited about that. It’s delectable and you would really like it.

To purchase tickets to Adam Carolla’s live show on November 10th, please go to his website at:

Written by: Bridget Campos


Originally posted on Nov. 9, 2012

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