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Star Magazine Presents: ‘Scene Stealers’ Event

Angela Weiss/Getty Images

It certainly was a night to remember for Hollywood’s newest talented stars in the world of film, music, and television at the most anticipated Scene Stealers event at the legendary Roosevelt Hotel’s Tropicana bar (Oct. 1st) in Hollywood, California.

The Hill’s Stephanie Pratt walking the red carpet
 (Angela Weiss/Getty Images)
Celebrity guests, which included cast members from Shahs of Sunset, Basketball Wives L.A., Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and Vanderpump Rules, showcased their fashionable wear for photogs on the red carpet, and also talked to reporters about what dynamics viewers can expect from their show’s upcoming season.

Partygoers such as Sophie Simmons, Tichina Arnold, Emmanuelle Chriqui, and Big Bang Theory’s Kunal Nayyar (just to name a few) mingled throughout the night and enjoyed themselves to complimentary cocktails of Zing Vodka, One Hope Wine, and Vertuze champagne by the bar while satisfying their sweet tooth with cupcakes.

Just Fab showcased their Fall styles at the Just Fab Shoe Bar. While Effy displayed world-class fine jewelry and offered a chance for a winner to take home a piece from their latest collection. But what got the most attention from guests was the glitter body art tattoos. The Hill’s Stephanie Pratt and her date showed off the glitters tats they got that night via Instagram.

Emmanuelle Chriqui with her beau Adrian Bellani
 (Angela Weiss/Getty Images)
The event also included a special performance by MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew champions, Quest Crew, leaving the crowd      stunned by the group’s impressive dance moves.

But, of course, the highlight of the event that has gotten the most media attention all week was Adrienne Maloof arriving to the glitzy party hand in hand with her new, 24-year-old boyfriend, Jacob Busch, the heir to Anheuser Busch. It was reported that at the party the two were cuddling up poolside, enjoying each others company. The 52-year-old reality star recently discussed about the couple’s age difference to E! News. She stated, “When you meet someone they don’t have a number on their forehead…When we met we just hit it off. It felt so natural, so organic.”
RHOBH's Adrienne Maloof with her new boyfriend
Jacob Busch (Angela Weiss/Getty Images)

Yes, with over 10 million readers each week, it comes as no surprise that one of the hottest celebrity magazines in the country, Star Magazine, would celebrate both newbie and would be stars that have garnished enough attention in mainstream media to be labeled scene stealers in today’s pop-culture world.

You can check out Star Magazine's interviews with stars on the red carpet here.

Written by: Bridget Campos

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Celebrity Event: BeautyCon Los Angeles 2013

The online world of beauty and fashion certainly did come to life in and around the city of angels last week thanks to BeautyCon Los Angeles.

For those not familiar with BeautyCon, this convention, organized by Beauty+Fashion Vloggers Alliance (BFVA), brings together the most influential YouTube personalities, celebrity beauty/fashion gurus, bloggers, pinners, instagrammers, tweethearts and their fans together to talk about what else? Beauty and fashion!

The second annual BeautyCon Los Angeles was held on Saturday (Aug. 24) at Siren Studios in Hollywood, California. It was reported that prior to the doors opening at 10 am, guests waited in line that stretched over three blocks long, causing congestion that shut down Gower and Sunset Blvd. But the wait was certainly worth it. Not only did the over 10,000 rsvp’s in attendance get the chance to mingle with several online video/social media celebrities; they also received the latest beauty tricks from the most influential beauty and fashion trendsetters in the digital world. Even the internet was buzzing about the event, causing the hashtag #BeautyCon to reach the number one spot on Twitter for a couple hours throughout the day.

There were many industry professionals in attendance giving fashion tips, including advice on how to market your brand effectively, and a Q&A presentation featuring Fashion Police Co-star Kelly Osbourne. But the best part of the event were guests getting the chance to try out new products from their favorite brands such as Bare Minerals, Pose, Minx Nails, Million Dollar Tan, Bellami Hair, Epoxy, Proactive skin care, and Lorac.

Though BeautyCon was a three-day event (Aug. 22-24), the first two days were by invitation only for BFVA members. TheCelebrityCafe.com got the chance to attend these exclusive VIP events. The second day, Beauty and Partners Event, gave the opportunity for various brands to showcase their latest products for today’s most influential content creators. Not only did guests get the chance to network and discuss the future of online media on fashion trends; they also attended various workshops, which included spa, hair styling, and makeup activities.

The most inspiring moments that made a lasting impression on attendees were the VIP Influencers Welcome event at the Youtube Space LA in Playa Vista, California, which kicked off BeautyCon Los Angeles week.

The private party was dedicated to the most influential vloggers, beauty trendsetters, and celebrities in the world of online fashion. Over a thousand in attendance listened in on a distinguish panel of celebrity guests, which included Leslie Blodgett (Founder of Bare Minerals), Singer/actress Christina Milian, Alisa Gould Simon (Founder of Pose), Mandana Dayani (VP of Rachel Zoe Inc), and One Tree Hill’s Sophia Bush, share their opinion on why taking risks are necessary to make you stand out in a highly competitive industry. They also agreed that there are some benefits to being fearful, because more than likely you will want to learn new things and thus reach out to others for help.

After the group’s discussion had ended, guests got the chance to personally speak to their favorite stars. A crowd gathered around Christina Milian anxious to take a photo with her and admire her gorgeous engagement ring from her fiancé, Jas Prince. The 31-year-old starlet revealed to fans that unfortunately she will not be returning to The Voice next season, but will be on a new show. It has been rumored that she will be on Dancing with the Stars, despite Millian not confirming that to reporters while being interviewed at the red carpet event that night.

Guests certainly enjoyed getting sound advice for any makeup artist, hairstylist, and fashion enthusiast wanting to start their own blog or Youtube channel. They also got the chance to take home goody bags of their favorite brands, containing various new beauty and makeup products courtesy of Neutrogena, Jurlique, Joico Hair Care, Revitalash, Lightening Whitening, and Destiny Candles.

Many of those who have a strong passion for sharing beauty tips and their favorite fashion trends through an online platform, but yet have no idea how to get started, High profile Vlogger, Kandee Johnson, gave the most honest input on what creating a beauty and fashion blog or YouTube channel is all about. “Viewers really enjoy watching a person that is genuine over someone that is overly technical. When I first started off making videos, my camera work was awful and the lighting was bad. During filming, I kept dropping things. But that’s what people liked about my videos. I talk to my viewers like I would talk to my sister or one of my friends. And that is what people want to watch-- someone that they can relate to,” Johnson stated.

There was also a discussion on the downside of internet fame such as dealing with haters that post mean comments. Youtube sensations, Elle and Blair Fowler (All that glitters21 and Juicystar07) suggested that having a thick-skin is necessary to have a successful channel. “It’s okay to share private things about yourself. But you have to be ready for negative things people might say,” Elle added.
One the biggest questions everyone wanted to know was what fashion trend to happening right now? The best answer Kandee Johnson gave was advising people to be ahead of the popular trends. She said, “You can’t go based on following fashion or beauty trends in magazines; because they publish that stuff three months in advance so in reality it’s old news. You should wear what you like and take risks. Maybe it will turn out well.”

BeautyCon is also held in two other major cities—London and Tokyo, so be sure to visit the website www.beautycon.com to get updates on when and where you can attend next year’s convention

Photo credit – Alex Wyman and Michael Kovac

Written by: Bridget Campos
Link: http://thecelebritycafe.com/feature/2013/08/celebrity-event-beautycon-los-angeles-2013

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Alison Sweeney: Video interview with the host of ‘The Biggest Loser’

Over the years, actress Alison Sweeney has captivated her daytime audience on the legendary soap opera, Days of our Lives, as bad girl Sami Brady. Yet, for most people, she is best known for her recent job, hosting the weight-loss reality show, The Biggest Loser.

But there is more to Alison than just her work on television; she has also dedicated her life to being fit and living a healthy lifestyle, which is why she has partnered up with Frigidaire and City of Hope to raise awareness and help get people more active and take care of their nutrition to fight diabetes.

TheCelebrityCafe.com’s writer, Bridget Campos, spoke with 36-year-old mother of two on how she makes sure her family eats nutritious food and stays active. They also discussed her viewpoint on whether or not soap operas are losing appeal over reality shows and her new movie, Second Chances, coming out this month.

Watch the video below:  

Written by: Bridget Campos

Link: http://thecelebritycafe.com/feature/2013/07/alison-sweeney-video-interview-host-biggest-loser

Friday, June 7, 2013

Nancy O'Dell: Interview with the Co-Host of 'Entertainment Tonight'

Emmy Award-winning journalist, Nancy O’Dell, is a force to be reckoned with ever since co-hosting one of the top ten highest-rated syndicated shows in the country, Entertainment Tonight. What may have seemed like a daunting task to find the right person to take the place of the legendary host of ET, Mary Hart a couple of years ago, this southern belle has turned out to be a great match for the most respected and longest-running entertainment news program in the world.

With over 20 years of television experience, it comes as no surprise that the 47-year-old was named one of Television Week’s 10 most bankable stars in syndication. But Nancy has garnished respectability as a leading entertainment journalist for other programs too such as Dateline NBC, Today Show, and Access Hollywood, as well as covering several live red carpet pre-shows.

TheCelebrityCafe.com had the chance to speak with this hard working, career mom about her recent degree, her viewpoint on people’s obsession with celebrities, and sharing an important message to parents on how to make sure their teens stay safe on the road while learning to drive this summer.

TheCelebrityCafe.com: Congratulations on your Humanities Doctorate from Clemson University.

Nancy O’Dell: Thank you. I appreciate that. I am really honored that Clemson U contacted me saying that I qualified for such a degree. I could not have been more thrilled. I worked hard for my degree through a lot of sacrifice. But it paid off because I graduated as an honorary student.

TCC: What’s the best advice you got in your career as a journalist?

Nancy: It was actually something I had mentioned during my commencement speech at Clemson. And that advice was, “don’t ever let anybody ever tell you ‘no.’”

I thought that was the best advice I could give to my fellow graduates that was given to me throughout my career by a few people. I remember awhile back when I first started working as a reporter for a local station this news director would tell me, “You don’t want to be a journalist or news reporter. They are all a dime a dozen, you’ll never make it.” I am glad I never listened to him, because I love what I do. Always pursue what you want to pursue and don’t be afraid of failure.

TCC: But what if journalism didn’t work out for you? What other career would you have chosen?

Nancy: There is no question I would have to have been an interior designer. I love decorating. I could spend hours at a furniture store. It’s my other passion, which is why I executive produce and host the show, Celebrities at Home, on HGTV. It’s a show that tours celebrity houses. And the reason why I came up with that show is because I’m so much in love with house designs.

TCC: Going back two years ago, what was going through your mind when first hearing that you would be Mary Hart’s replacement on ET?

Nancy: I was doing Access Hollywood for years before going to ET. When it comes to popularizing entertainment news it was ET that started it all. I could remember sitting at my home in South Carolina and seeing Mary Hart on ET and to me she was so beautiful and smart. I would think to myself, “that would be a cool job to have.” I never thought I would end up having a job co-hosting ET. It’s an honor. If you’re going to end up doing entertainment journalism, which is my profession, this show is where you want to be as far as being the best of the best on network television.

TCC: Earlier in your career you did news anchoring and investigative reporting, but do you find it easier to cover entertainment news instead because it is more lighthearted?

Nancy: I don’t think covering entertainment news is easier it is just different. You are still going out and covering stories and asking questions. I mean, you are a story-teller when you’re a journalist. So whether you are talking about entertainment or covering investigative reports, like what I did during my local news days, no matter what the topic is it’s still a story. So it is the same in a sense but the approach is different.

TCC: People are so interested in entertainment news. Why do you think people have less interest in local/international news, like for example, some don’t have a clue of what’s going on in Syria, but yet they want to know every day what Justin Bieber is doing?

Nancy: I think it’s because of what a celebrity does for a living, whether they are on TV or in movies. There is a part of the public that feels like they know this person. They feel the celebrity is a part of their life. I find that fascinating because for one they think celebrities live such different lives, which is not necessarily true. Also, people want to know if celebrities do what they normally do. There is that side too. In fact, there are both sides to it. They want to know about the fancy world celebrities live in, but they also want to know if they do things that any other regular person would do. But for others being so caught up in entertainment and celebrity news can be a form of escapism for them.

TCC: What would you say is the most memorable celebrity interview you have ever done?

Nancy: Probably one I did with Madonna. It was shortly after she adopted David and I was 8 weeks pregnant with my baby girl. I had interviewed Madonna a couple of times before, but this one was different.

I was journaling my pregnancy during that time by taking pictures with celebrities I had interviewed. All these pictures were going for my scrapbook, which I am a big fan of. So before the interview I revealed to Madonna why I was taking a picture with her and about my pregnancy. It ended up becoming a neat interview because I saw a different side of her; a soft, sweet maternal side of Madonna that you normally don’t see. I honestly believe it was because of my pregnancy. That interview for me was the most memorable and unique experience, because it made me see her in a different light. It’s something I had learned about her.

TCC: I also wanted to ask you about the drive safety program for teens you started with the help of the National Safety Council and Allstate Foundation.

Nancy: Yes. I’m very excited about this program, DriveitHome.org, because this website encourages parents to get more involved in helping their kids learn how to drive. What some don’t realize is that the first year a teenager gets their driver’s license is the most dangerous time ever in their life. Statistics have proven that. Surprisingly the dangers are not because teens are too busy texting or not paying attention to the road. It’s because they have a lack of experience. The Allstate Foundation found out that over 50 percent of teens they talked to wanted more time to practice driving so they can gain more experience. That is why this summer I will be helping my stepson, Tyler, practice driving safely.

The program provides weekly tips such as finding a safe way to drive with your kids like not driving during high risk situations such as when it is raining. It’s the little things that are vitally important. It’s a great resource and wonderful program.

ET’s Nancy O’Dell handing the car keys over to her 17-year-old stepson, Tyler,
for his driving lesson/ Photo courtesy of Bret Hartman.

Go to the www.DriveitHome.org to take the ‘Sign and Drive Pledge’ for new teen drivers to stay safe on the road.

Written by: Bridget Campos
Link: http://thecelebritycafe.com/feature/2013/06/nancy-o-dell-interview-co-host-entertainment-tonight

Brandon Johnson: Video Interview with the Host of TNT's Reality Series '72 Hours'

Actor and TV host Brandon Johnson discusses his latest project, hosting a new reality show competition where contestants endure the most harshest elements and toughest terrain in various exotic locations, with only a GPS device and a bottle of water, in order to locate a briefcase containing $100,000. As if the stakes weren't high enough they have only three days to find the loot.

In an exclusive video interview the day before his new show premiered last night (June 6, at 9/8c), TheCelebrityCafe.com’s, Bridget Campos, spoke with Brandon about his recent marriage to his wife, Ariel Fox, including more behind the scenes info of what viewers can expect watching 72 Hours, and recurring his role as Gary Wilde in Disney’s Shake It Up.

Watch the video below:

Written by: Bridget Campos

Link: http://thecelebritycafe.com/feature/2013/06/brandon-johnson-video-interview-host-tnt-s-reality-series-72-hours

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Coco Austin: Interview with the Star of ‘Ice Loves Coco’

Reality star and former Playboy model, Coco Austin, has adored fans with her sweet, down-to-earth personality since debuting on the show, Ice Loves Coco, with her devoted husband, rapper/actor Ice-T, in 2011. With Coco’s charm and playfulness and Ice T’s use of common sense and telling it like it is makes this couple’s every day life seem quite entertaining to watch.

But there is more to this Southern California girl than just wearing over-the-top sexy outfits that hug her voluptuous curves and being arm candy to her man at celebrity events. She is also a business woman and an advocate of full-figured women being comfortable with their bodies.

The 34-year-old, blond bombshell’s latest project is Peepshow at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. The striptease show has wowed audiences. Coco was even named by Las Vegas Weekly to be one of the top 13 performers to watch in 2013. TheCelebrityCafe.com had the chance to speak with Coco about Peepshow (which has been extended through Sept. 1st) and how she manages to make her marriage work despite the distance.

TheCelebrityCafe.com: What can people expect at Peepshow?

Coco Austin: When people hear the term peepshow they automatically think of it as a sleazy, grimy-type atmosphere. But this show is the opposite of that. It’s a musical love story. Everything you would expect at a Vegas show is in Peepshow such as Cirque du Soleil-like entertainment, comedy, singing, and dancing.

Another thing viewers won’t expect is the character I play, Bo Peep, who is shy and timid, which is the exact opposite of me. A lot of people didn’t think I could pull it off. In fact, after each show I do a meet and greet with the audience and some actually thought I really was shy like my character. So it’s nice to know that I did my performance so well that people really thought I can be timid.

TCC: Do you personally sing, dance, or do any acrobats on the show?

CA: I only dance on the show. When I first got the call to do the Vegas show, I had seen Holly Madison prior to taking her place on Peepshow and she was singing and dancing. So I said, “If I am coming all the way from New York to Las Vegas for the show I want to dance.” The reason why I said this is because I have been dancing my whole entire life. Peepshow gave me the opportunity to show off my skill. There are not too many times that you start something in your childhood that you actually get a chance to show off later on in life. I might tweak it a bit and incorporate singing in my performance. But for right now I’m not too into it. I can hold a tune, but I’m not comfortable doing that just yet. I am not on the level of the talent we have on the show. So I’ll leave the singing to them. (Laughs)

TCC: Since this is a burlesque show there is nudity involved, right?

CA: Um…maybe I shouldn’t give it away, but in the show my character gets some help on how to be more comfortable with her body. So there is nudity involved. I won’t tell you what parts are shown, but it happens suddenly that the audience doesn’t expect it.

TCC: Were you nervous during your debut because of having to bare your body in front of an audience?

CA: I get asked that all the time and what people don’t realize is that you do so many rehearsals before you actually hit the stage. After practicing over and over again when you finally perform on stage it comes off natural. Also, when on stage what the audience doesn’t know is that you can’t see them because of the stage lights that hit you in the face. It’s a trick that stage performers do. So that helps me a lot when I’m doing my thing on stage.

TCC: Is Peepshow something only men will enjoy or could they bring their wives or girlfriends with them?

CA: It is for all audiences. Let me tell you, I have a really big female fan base. So I mostly see more women than men in the audience. And they come in packs because of girls’ night out or celebrating a bachelorette party. Back then I used to have more of a male fan base during my swimsuit modeling days. But now that I do television more women are my fans and so they come to see my show. And I am grateful for that.

Also, women love musicals and love stories, sometimes they bring their husbands with them. After watching Peepshow people always say to me that it was more than what they expected. It is so much more than a musical. It has a lot of energy and is fast-paced. You are entertained the whole time watching it. One guy from Germany watched Peepshow every single day for the whole week he was in Vegas. He found the show to be that interesting. Some have watched the show more than once because there is so much going on that you miss a lot the first time you see it.

TCC: Would you want to do burlesque shows permanently?

CA: This has been a great experience. When you’re on stage, you really feed off the audiences’ energy. There is nothing like it. After Peepshow I really don’t know what my next project will be. But I would like to keep on doing theater. I think I could do that forever.

TCC: How does it feel being a 1,000 miles away from your husband, Ice-T, while doing the show in Las Vegas?

CA: We do a lot of Skyping. That’s like our NO. 1 thing. When I’m not in New York visiting him, he’s out here on the weekends to see me. But now that the season for Law & Order has recently ended, Ice will spend the whole summertime with me. He really likes Peepshow. He said to me, “This show fits you perfectly.” It feels nice getting approval from your man. I want him to be proud.

TCC: Would you like to dispel rumors that you and Ice-T are on the brink of divorce because of an alleged affair you had with rapper AP.9?

CA: The internet is complete rubbish. We never like to read anything off the internet. We hear rumors but we don’t feed into it. Our relationship is very strong. We have been together for 12 years and will continue to be for many years. Simple as that.

TCC: Will there be a fourth season of Ice Loves Coco?

CA: Right now the show is on a break. We just finished season three. Ice has finished Law & Order and I’m doing Peepshow so we are going to figure it from there. It’s a lot of work doing three shows at once. You never really know.

TCC: Now in regards to your clothing line Licious that’s dedicated to curvy women. Why do you think the general public equates curves with being fat?

CA: I believe every woman’s body is beautiful in its own way. I have never understood that just because a woman has thick thighs she is considered fat. For so long I’ve been around in the modeling world and have tried to break that barrier. But I think now it’s turning around. In my opinion, I believe there are more curvy girls out there than skinny girls. To have curves means you are healthier. But when you are super skinny you are not eating correctly probably because you are not eating at all, I mean, let’s be honest here.

The reason why I started the clothing line Licious is because I had trouble finding clothes for my body type. I figured if I’m having trouble finding clothes for me being curvy I know girls with my body type are probably facing the same issue. And so with the help of my designer, I came up with the idea of creating my own clothing line. They are clothes that I like to wear and people like the style. It’s a hobby. I really don’t consider myself to be a designer. But I feel full-figured women deserve to wear clothes that show off their curves in a flattering way. When you have clothes that fit your body type you feel more confident and comfortable with yourself.

Follow Coco Austin on Twitter @Cocosworld.

And for more info on PeepShow and how to purchase tickets, please go to her website at CocosWorld.com  or www.lasvegaspeepshow.com

Photo courtesy of John Ganun

Written by: Bridget Campos
Link: http://thecelebritycafe.com/feature/2013/05/coco-austin-interview-star-ice-loves-coco

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Outsider and Others by H.P. Lovecraft (Book Review)

Considered to be one the greatest horror writers of the 20th century, H.P. Lovecraft, didn’t receive much acclaim until decades later following his death. Eventually when Lovecraft’s literary work started receiving cultural references this made him develop a cult-like status and in turn he had gained respect from horror writers of our time, including Stephen King and Neil Gaiman. After passing away in 1937 from intestinal cancer, two years later his book, The Outsider and Others, had been published.

Lovecraft was labeled by some to be a protégé to renowned author Edgar Allan Poe, since he too wrote science fiction/short horror stories just like his late idol. In fact, most of the short stories in The Outsider and Others were compared by critics to be very similar to Poe’s writing style because of the stories being a psychological thriller that contains elements of horror. The compilation novel has 37 short tales of horror. But there is one story in particular, The Outsider, that became one of Lovecraft‘s best short stories to date, which is why the book was given that title.

The story entails the narrator’s life as being miserable and lonely. He vaguely remembers anything about his life story, or what lead him to the situation that he was in, being alone in a decaying castle that feels like a prison to him. The story focuses more on his dreary environment and how he has never seen light, nor any other humans. He only knew about the outside world from the many books he reads. After being in isolation from society for many years, he one day decides to break free from his rut and explore the outside world. It is through his efforts to search for human contact (by escaping his depressing life to start a new one) that he discovers something about himself that makes him feel even more alone.

When the narrator goes on a journey to discover new surroundings, he comes across another castle where a party is being held. Eager to come into contact with people, he climbs into the castle through a window. However, when people see him they are terrified; some cover their eyes as they frantically try to run away from him. It is not until the narrator views his reflection in a mirror that is when he is finally aware of his “abnormal” appearance. In sorrow, the narrator tries to return back to his castle but is physically unable to go back. He now becomes an outsider, not only from his old way of life but the new way of life he was seeking.

What made this story so memorable is not just the typical elements that you would find in gothic literature, but it covers a social issue that most people subconsciously have to deal with-- having a distorted image of oneself. Some believe that Lovecraft wrote this story based on his own assumption of himself as being ugly. In fact, his own mother told one person that she felt her son had a “hideous face.”

Just like the narrator’s view of seeing himself as hideous to outsiders, many suffer from self-consciousness, which leads them to living an isolated life. But some take drastic steps by altering their body through plastic surgery. It has been reported by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons that in the U.S. alone, more than 14.6 million cosmetic surgeries were performed in 2012, a five percent increase from the year before. Yet, despite so many people undergoing plastic surgery having more than one procedure isn’t enough. Most patients keep returning to have more work done to alter their bodies. Feeling that if they alter one more facial feature or body part they will then be perfect. They chase an illusion of what is socially acceptable but are never satisfied with the results because it is in their mind that the distorted body image is occurring. This disease is best known as body image dissatisfaction. It can ruin a person’s self esteem and, not to mention, their relationship with others. Though some crave for social contact they fear of being shunned by society because their appearance doesn’t fit in with what people consider to be attractive.

Regardless of whether or not The Outsider was considered to be an autobiography of Lovecraft’s personal life; what can be taken away from this story is how people in our days suffering from body image dissatisfaction can learn from the narrator’s example and avoid isolating themselves from others. This can leave them at a standstill; in that they are not moving forward in their life, but rather being trapped in a life of inaction and loneliness. Aside from the various plot holes in the short story, it is still worth reading, as well as the other Gothic tales in The Outsider and Others.

Review Rating: Four out of Five

Link: http://thecelebritycafe.com/reviews/2013/04/outsider-and-others

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Jillian Michaels: Interview with Fitness Trainer from ‘The Biggest Loser’

As a personal trainer for 11 seasons of ‘The Biggest Loser,’ Jillian Michaels’ tough as nails approach towards weight loss contestants reaching their goal each week, has made her a media sensation. But Jillian also has a soft side to her when she chats with contestants about the emotional struggles they are going through while losing weight and gives them the motivational support they need.

Jillian has become not only a successful entrepreneur by selling millions of exercise DVDs and weight loss products, but she has become the world’s leading health and wellness expert. The New York Times best-selling author has sold more than 3.5 million books worldwide, including such titles as "Master Your Metabolism" and "Unlimited: How to Build an Exceptional Life" and her latest book, "Slim for Life: My Insider Secrets to Simple, Fast, and Lasting Weight Loss."

TheCelebrityCafe.com talks with Jillian about her return to the show that made her a star and also her tour across the U.S. and Canada to get people to achieve their weight loss goal and boost their confidence, as well, through motivation and fitness counseling.

TheCelebrityCafe.com: I’m glad to see that you’re back on The Biggest Loser again.

Jillian Michaels: Why, thank you.

TCC: Will you stay on the show from now on or only for this season?

JM: At the moment I’m on board for two more seasons and I’m having a good time. So, yes, it looks like it.

TCC: Who do you think has the potential to win The Biggest Loser this year?

JM: Gosh, really all the finalists have the potential to win. Of course, for selfish reasons, I would pick Danni to win because she’s sort of like my contestant when she was on my team. We started together as a team and ended together. So I would love if she won. But I also think Jackson and Jeff are great. I’m not actually a fan of Joe (Laughs) but maybe there are some people out there that are and want him to win. But it’s really anybody’s game to be honest with you.

TCC: Since you have the “Maximize You Life” tour coming in April, what can people expect attending your show?

JM: You’re going to learn the science of having a proper diet and boost your metabolism through state of the art, cutting edge techniques to help make your workouts the most effective so that you lose weight and keep it off. With that said, the show also focuses on connecting with your passion and living your authentic true self by learning how to boost your confidence and redefine your self image. Believe in your worth and the value of your dreams and goals. The show will also help you discover ways in developing a specific skill set so that you subsequently can achieve these goals because you feel capable of doing so.

TCC: What are common foods that you eat to stay healthy?

JM: I supplement a lot. So I’ll take a probiotic and I mostly eat green food. I like to drink this amazing green grass superfood. And I also drink various teas. More importantly, I take a quality multi-vitamin. Another food item I eat quite often are berries, which I sometimes have with Greek yogurt. Also I like wheat products, veggies with stir-fry, and brown rice. If you have the means, I would highly recommend using supplementations for optimal health.

TCC: Now there are a few diet and fitness questions that I have. The first one is, what would you say to someone that says, “I workout everyday, but I don’t sweat.” Would a person see better results if they did sweat during workouts?

JM: No, the key to working out is focusing on your heart rate. So if you’re working out at 85% of your maximum heart rate than you’re doing great. You don’t need to sweat. The sweat is just your body’s way of cooling itself. There is a huge misconception that if you do something like hot yoga you’ll burn more calories and the opposite is true. You want to heat your body from the inside out, not the outside in. But the key with any successful exercise regimen is going to be intensity and the best way to gauge that is by working out at 85% of your maximum heart rate.

TCC: Does it matter what time you exercise in order to lose weight?

JM: It really doesn’t. But a lot of studies will tell you that if you workout at the same time everyday you are going to have more energy, because your body essentially adapts and anticipates the workouts. This in turn causes your body to release a lot of its energizing, fat burning, muscle building hormones. So if you really want to maximize your workouts than consistency with your workout time would be key. But if you can’t for whatever reason that’s okay because a workout is still a workout. It’s still going to be very effective no matter when you get it in.

TCC: What if a person says, “You can eat whatever you want, but only in moderation. The only important thing to do is just exercise.” Do you believe that statement is true?

JM: My feeling on this is I really don’t want people eating chemicals that are mostly found in processed products. So I fully don’t agree with that statement. I believe you can eat whatever healthy food you want, but in a balanced way. And the way I find that balance is by 20 percent of the time I’ll eat a more fattening treat food and 80 percent of the time I’ll make a better healthy food choice. There is really no room in any healthy diet for trans fat, artificial sweeteners, and artificial colors in food. So if you are going to go buy a candy bar, I would rather you buy a brand, such as Unreal, that has half the sugar and none of the chemicals. To me it contains just sugar and fat and that’s fine. But chemical based junk food is terrible for your metabolism and your overall health.

TCC: There are some people that want to eat healthy but can’t afford it. Do you believe that’s an excuse?

JM: I understand what they are saying. In my new book, “Slim for Life”, I give readers a whole shopping list and plan so that they can afford to buy healthy food. It suggests everything from buying at wholesale stores, like Costco, to clipping coupons, and getting your food from a community supported agriculture (CSA) or at your local farmers’ market.

These are a few simple steps you can take to get quality food at an affordable price. Plus, my book mentions how you can prioritize your food dollars. You don’t have to buy all organic fruits and vegetables. Buy instead thick-skinned fruits and veggies rather than the thin-skinned. And get your greens in bulk and be sure to reserve enough funds in your food budget to buy quality meat and dairy products. I promise you not all healthy food is expensive. A bag of oranges is not costly. In fact, it’s much cheaper than marmalade or juice for that matter. So be smart and use smart money saving strategies when shopping for healthy food. I literally have a whole section dedicated to this subject in “Slim for Life.” I know the task may seem a bit overwhelming but it can be done. You’ll see an improvement in your overall health and your body will thank you for making the switch to eating more of what’s good for you.

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Jillian’s ‘Maximize Your Life’ tour will begin April 6 thru May 21. To purchase tickets go to her website at www.jillianmichaels.com

“Maximize Your Life” tour schedule:

April 4             Winnipeg, MB                Centennial Concert Hall
 April 6             Calgary, AB                Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium
 April 7             Edmonton, AB Northern           Alberta Jubilee Auditorium
 April 9             Vancouver, BC                Queen Elizabeth Theatre
 April 10           Seattle, WA &          The Paramount
 April 12           San Jose, CA           San Jose Center for the Performing Arts
 April 13           Las Vegas, NV           UNLV Cox Pavilion
 April 14           Phoenix, AZ           Comerica Theatre
 April 17           Jacksonville, FL           Moran Theatre
 April 18           Clearwater, FL           Ruth Eckerd Hall
 April 19           Melbourne, FL           King Center for the Performing Arts
 April 20           Miami, FL           Knight Center
 April 21           Atlanta, GA                Fox Theatre
 April 24           Washington, DC &               Warner Theatre
 April 25           Raleigh, NC                Memorial Auditorium
 April 26           Newport News, VA                Ferguson Center
 April 28           Westbury, NY           Theatre at Westbury
 April 30           Worcester, MA           Hanover Theatre
 May 1                 Lowell, MA           Lowell Memorial Auditorium
 May 2                 Hartford, CT           Bushnell Ctr PAC- Mortenson
 May 3                 Philadelphia, PA           Kimmel Center
 May 4                 Cleveland, OH          State Theatre
 May 5                 Milwaukee, WI           Riverside Theatre
 May 7                 Indianapolis, IN           Murat Theatre
 May 8                 Wabash, IN                Honeywell Centre
 May 9                 Detroit, MI                Fox Theatre
 May 10              Chicago, IL                  Auditorium Theatre
 May 11               St. Louis, MO                Fox Theatre
 May 12               Kansas City, MO           Midland Theatre
 May 15              Hamilton, ONT           Hamilton Place Theatre
 May 17               London, ONT           Budweiser Gardens
 May 18               Ottawa, ONT           National Arts Centre
 May 19               Oshawa, ONT           General Motors Centre
 May 21               Toronto, ONT           Sony Centre for the Performing Arts

Written by: Bridget Campos
Link: http://thecelebritycafe.com/feature/2013/03/jillian-michaels-interview-fitness-trainer-biggest-loser