Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Interview with Hip-Hop Artist Jared Evan

New to the hip-hop scene, Jared Evan, has taken the music industry by storm with his mixing of various genres, including rock, soul and R&B into one unique sound that has many expecting a promising career for the 22-year-old native New Yorker.

This has lead the young artist to work alongside several heavy-hitting musicians and producers, which include Pharrell, Timberland, Polow Da Don, and Dr. Dre just to name a few. The multi-talented singer/songwriter talks with about his diverse musical background and the recent release of his first EP album, The 4th Chapter. First of all, what made you want to have a career in music?

Jared Evan: Ever since I was little I always loved music. That’s really the only thing I ever wanted to do. I’m naturally gravitated towards it.

TCC: How would you define the music style in your new album?

Jared Evan: The sound of the album is definitely fusion - kind of like a hybrid sound that covers both hip-hop and soul. The production is also heavy in alternative pop, which I think is a relatable sound that everyone can feel.

TCC: A while back in your career you started off as a drummer. Was it a tough transition to go from being in a rock band to now being a hip-hop singer/rapper?

Jared Evan: Actually, no it isn’t. You would think it would be because they are completely two different aspects of music. In order to be a drummer in a rock band it takes vigor and passion because you’re playing an instrument. The same can be said about being a singer (or rapper). But your voice is the instrument.

Starting off as a drummer was a real advantage for me. It gave me a head start when I started writing songs and singing, because I developed a rhythmic sound. Using my voice alone I still feel like I play the drums though not on an actual drum set.

TCC: Do you miss being a drummer or do you like being center stage as a performer?

Jared Evan: I’ve always wondered where my career would have taken me if I had continued being in the background as a drummer. But it was hip-hop and rap that really helped me become a lead vocalist and brought me to the forefront of the stage as a solo artist.

TCC: Do you think some listeners might see this transition to another genre as a form of reinventing yourself rather than evolving as an artist?

Jared Evan: Some people might think so. When I started off in my music career, I went back and forth between hip-hop and rock. As I matured as an artist, I felt hip-hop was the style that stuck with me. But this album shows me evolving as an artist, taking every genre I’ve ever done in the past.

TCC: In the single, “4th Chapter,” you basically give the history of your music career w/ each chapter (from 1 to 3) referencing artists from the past that have made you the artist you are today. What does the song’s final verse (chapter 4) refer to?

Jared Evan: Each verse, or chapter, talks about the melting pot of diversity in music. The “4th Chapter” is the album itself. But in the song, I also explore my musical background. By the end of the song people will understand that I’ve created a new chapter of music. My album is that new chapter.

TCC: Are there any current artists you are influenced by?

Jared Evan: Yes, most definitely Drake and Kanye West. I also like Riff Raff. He’s pretty interesting.

TCC: What would be your dream collaboration?

Jared Evan: For any artist that’s ever lived, my dream collaboration would have to be John Lennon. Drake is another artist I would like to work with. He’s dope.

TCC: Now that the album is out, what are your plans? Will you be going on tour?

Jared Evan: I’m really focused on getting The 4th Chapter out to as many people as possible before going on tour. That’s why I’ve done a couple of shows in L.A. and New York to promote the album. But yes I’m planning on going on tour in the fall (Sept.) for a month or two.

TCC: By any chance are you working on your next album? If so, can you talk a little about it?

Jared Evan: It’s funny because when The 4th Chapter came out I was in the studio working on my next album. I don’t have a title and the album’s concept hasn’t been formulated yet. But I’ve already recorded a few songs for it. This will be my second EP album. I’m really looking forward to putting that out in late September or maybe early October.

I’m also working on a collaborative album with a really dope hip-hop producer. He’s worked with everyone from Jay-Z to Eminem. That album is a separate project. So fans can expect a lot more of my music coming out pretty soon.

To purchase Jared Evan’s new album, The 4th Chapter, click on the link here.

Written by: Bridget Campos

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