Monday, May 24, 2010

Adam Lambert - For Your Entertainment (Album Review)

For Your Entertainment is American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert’s first official album that was released November 2009, and debuted third on the Billboard 200. So far, the album has sold over 639,000 copies in the U.S., and has been successful internationally as well.

The album is mostly Glam Rock with an '80s techno-pop-sound of the past, like that of Human League and Soft Cell, but slightly more modernized.

Several well-known musical talents contributed to the album, including songwriter/ producer Linda Perry, pop star Lady Gaga, and Pink, who co-wrote the painfully addictive song, “Whataya Want from Me.” Also, OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder co-wrote the lovely ballad, “Sleepwalker,” and American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi, for the fierce-like track titled “Strut.”

The song “Broken Open” is a softer ballad that’s very somber and has a somewhat haunting feel to it. On this track, Lambert displays more composed vocals, like Freddie Mercury from Queen would sometimes do, rather than belt out the high notes every time. I doubt that this song would be popular on the radio but it really displays Lambert’s incredible musical talent, not only as a singer but as a songwriter as well.

Though “Sleepwalker” sounds really good, it does fall short, because the song sounds almost identical to BeyoncĂ©’s “Halo” and Kelly Clarkson’s “Already Gone,” whose tracks Tedder had written as well.

The songs that are more upbeat tends to come off theatrical yet bold, but the lyrics are playful and catchy. The downside is that the music doesn’t fit the lyrics, because the tracks sound so sugar coated it’s difficult to take what he is saying as believable. But when Lambert sings the songs that have a slow vibe to them, that’s when his vocals really display heart and strong emotions. Listeners can feel the contrast between the upbeat and slow songs.

Some will have mixed feelings for this album. Either you’ll like the album or not. It just depends on your taste in music. For those that are fans of Lambert and of '80s techno pop music, you will love all the songs on this album. However, those that are not really into '80s music that much will have a difficult time liking this album. But there are a few tracks that contain current rock music, like for example the song “Aftermath.”

For Your Entertainment is a type of album you have to listen to a few times before you’ll start liking it, or catch yourself singing the lyrics. But what listeners can agree on is that Lambert’s showmanship style as an entertainer is reflected in his music.

The best songs on For Your Entertainment are “Whataya Want from Me,” “Loaded Smile,” “Time for Miracles,” and “Broken Open.”

Reviewer's Rating: 3 out of 5

Reviewer: Bridget Campos


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